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When we know where we want to go, it’s better to have a road map to get us there. We know that every community is unique, so knowing this we want to give you a general road map to guide you to the goal of building a transformational leadership community. Every community in Chicagoland will need to figure out how to best to accomplish these areas, but this general map will get you asking the right questions and point you in the right direction.

Where are we all trying to get to…

To empower and transform young leaders to be a Force for Good in their world for Jesus Christ, through building transformational leadership communities.

Here is the Road Map to get us there…

Pray – We need to Engage in Prayer. The long-term goal is to get every household and school in the city adopted in prayer. Start somewhere and create a plan that is simple, effective and trackable.

Unite – We need to unite all Leaders. Getting faith leaders and Community leaders unified around the common goal of investing in young leaders and adopting youth programs that empower and transform these young leaders within their churches and ministries.

Partner - We need to partner with ministries and organizations in the city, to do something together that will bring the most impact to the area. Youth groups will be equipped, schools will be engaged, and key leaders will be empowered.

Connect – We want to connect people to this transformational leadership community and help them clearly understand their life purpose in Christ.

Build – We want to build a Community with a Cause. We want to Empower these young people and sharpen their leadership skills to be a Force for Good in their world.

Create – We want to help them create a path for them to Make a Difference, to mobilize them to take action in their own unique way and to enlist others to be a part of this initiative.

Download your resource to help you walk through these areas and create an actionable plan to get started.

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